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Vivian Grey

Vivian Grey


Vivian Grey has been active in the real estate business in and around Easton for over 11 years. Born in the Lehigh Valley after her parents immigrated from Colombia, Vivian has spent her life immersed in the fabric of the community while raising her beautiful family. As a first-generation American she takes pride in her cultural heritage and remains fluent in Spanish. Her deep roots here provide her with a wide-ranging base of knowledge that helps her find the right house no matter what unique set of circumstances she encounters. 

Vivian is an experienced agent who always takes the time to listen to your needs and dedicates herself to helping you navigate the process of finding a perfect home. She also has experience in property management and is available to help you successfully rent and maintain all of your rental properties. No matter which role she serves you in, Vivian doesn’t view it as “work.” She truly believes if you love what you do you will not work a day in your life. She is excited to share her passion for real estate with her daughter, Cassandra, joining her in a dynamic new team serving buyers throughout the region.

In her personal time, Vivian enjoys spending time with ​her mother, ​family, and friends. She is beach lover and enjoys world travel with her husband and adult children, taking special joy in visiting her extended family in Colombia to keep those family bonds strong. 

Cassandra Young

Cassandra Young


Cassandra Young has over 10 years of experience in the home building industry, which she leverages to help her clients make the best choices when purchasing a new house. Born in Texas, Cassandra moved back to the Lehigh Valley at a very young age and has never considered any other place her home. She attended Pennsylvania State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Labor Studies and Employment Relations. Her construction experience began when she started working for a family company that specializes in custom-built homes. Soon hungry for more experience, she took on a new opportunity with Tuskes Homes, a residential construction company where she was able to take on more responsibility. Cassandra knows what goes into building a solid home that will last for generations, and she is passionate about helping you find the perfect home to meet your unique needs. 

Cassandra’s mother, Vivian, has been her primary motivation to pursue her goals in real estate. Recently, the two have joined forces to become a powerhouse real estate team, and she looks forward to working side-by-side with her mom to guide buyers through the exciting home-buying process.

Cassandra uses her personal time to work out, and also enjoys hiking and other outdoor activities. She believes firmly in living in the moment and truly enjoying new experiences, which she shares with her son. The most important thing to her is enjoying time with family and friends, and finds happiness in watching him learn and grow.


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- The Calderon Family

"My husband and I chose to work with Vivian for a few reasons. She has the knowledge and proven experience that we needed to not only sell but purchase our forever home to raise our family in. Vivian has the perfect personality for this line of work. She is easy to approach and has a reassuring demeanor. She was there to answer all our questions and always made herself available to answer any questions (very quickly) or clear up any confusion at any time. She was also very persistent and kept things moving, which is important when buying and selling. We were extremely anxious, especially with 2 young children, but ultimately, we knew we needed to take this next step so that our family could grow comfortably in the next 30 years. We were looking for a specific location and flow in our forever home and we found that with the help of Vivian.

Throughout this process, she did not pressure or push and was on board with our pace. I would absolutely recommend Vivian and her team throughout the home buying and selling process. If you are looking for a seamless and pain-free process, do not hesitate to work with her and her team!

We can’t thank Vivian enough!"

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